What is the value of the Airdrex token (AE)?

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The Airdrex token (AE) has not yet been precisely set. Its value is determined by its users. The more the platform is used, the higher the yield and the higher is hence the intrinsic value of AE.

The redemption value of 1 AE will change daily. The higher the airdrex earnings for the previous day (such as ads, airdrop dristribution, paid promotion, etc.), the higher the AE 1 redemption value the next day. Thus, a simple formula extracts 25% of the total profit, which will be used only for the repurchase of tokens.

For example:
Profits for yesterday is $200. The total number of tokens issued is 10,000.
Value of all airdrex tokens = 200 * 0.25 (25%) = 50$
Value 1 AE = $50 / 10,000 AE = $0.005

A little different situation:
Let’s say that out of a total of 10,000 tokens ($50), only half will be sold (repurchased) on that day, and therefore $25 tokens. The remaining $25 will be moved to the next day. The higher the token value the next day.
The ransom value of Airdrex tokens will be influenced by a number of factors and user speculation that will ultimately help to strengthen the Airdrex community.