Aladdin Exchange

Aladdin Exchange

Aladdin Exchange


TNC is a blockchain company that aims to unite the cryptocurrency world. Their major activities include investing both their resources and guidance on blockchain companies, integrating blockchain technology, finding global standard developers, and so on.

They are always on the lookout for promising blockchain companies and startups. They provide them access to vast network of experts who hail from industries such as blockchain & cryptocurrency, information technology, finance technology, commerce, public relations, and many more.

Ticker: TNC
Whitelist: Yes


Step by Step

  • Register on Aladdin Exchange.
  • You will receive 100 Mileage = 100 TNC ($7,5).
  • Also, share your referral link and 20 Mileage for every referral.
  • Don’t forget to join our Telegram channel and follow us on Facebook to receive new airdrops!

Note: Earned mileage can be exchanged after the official opening of Aladdin exchange.

0 Years, 2 Months, 18 Days and 18 Hours
100 TNC ($7,5)
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