Betconix Airdrop

Betconix Airdrop

Betconix Airdrop

Instant Rewards

Betconix is a Centralized Cryptocurrency exchange and IEO platform for high-tech projects. Betconix provides its users with access to the most popular and relevant tools of the cryptocurrency market. A balanced system for selecting promising projects, Coins & Tokens, strong technical support, strict legal analysis and risk analysis, and taking into account feedback from its users.

BNIX Token is issued on the Ethereum blockchain and is an implementation of the ERC-20 standard. In addition to standard financial instruments, the BNIX Token provides additional opportunities for the holders of this asset both financially and managerially.

Ticker: BNIX
Token type: ERC20
Whitelist: Yes


Registered Company: GN BetConix ST s.r.o.

Step by Step

  • Register on Betconix echange.
  • Verify email and login to your account.
  • You will receive 233 BNIX ($35) to your spot account.
  • Also, share your referral link and earn more BNIX tokens.Upon completion of the IEO, all users who registered using your referral code will be credited an additional 15% of the user’s BNIX balance on the exchange. As a partner, you receive a reward according to the following scheme:

-The first 10 users. You receive: 10% of the user’s wallet balance.

-The next 25 users. You receive: 5% of the user’s wallet balance.

-All subsequent users: 3% of the user’s wallet balance.

-Also, once a month, exchange holds a raffle among referral partners, with a prize pool of 500 BNIX.

0 Years, 7 Months, 8 Days and 15 Hours
233 BNIX ($35)
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