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KoHoChain & ProSwap

KoHoChain & ProSwap


KoHo Chain is a new generation of inclusive financial infrastructure based on the side chain technology of blockchain, to create a fair, transparent, shareable and privacy protecting Decentralized INFI ecosystem. Money and security of data in a centralized organization can not be fully safeguard, and across time, space, cost a lot of manpower and financial services, high cost is difficult to cover all the people, causing a vicious cycle of unbalanced regional development, industry ecology needs to change, at the edge of the people need voice, stock users need a stronger sense of security. DeFi has strong technology and bright future. It is the king of development to use advanced technology as productivity, the general trend of the development of the financial industry, and the driving force of this industry revolution and even the social revolution.

KoHo Chain is committed to the development of a new generation of Decentralized public chain of inclusive financial blockchain, to bring better and more secure financial services to every citizen, regardless of race, religion, age, nationality or geography, and completely ignite the revolutionary torch of decentralized finance.

KoHo foundation is at the forefront of this social revolution, working to solve the current problems facing human society through high-tech means namely how to construct more cohesive community organization and more equitable and efficient distribution of incentives.

Ticker: PRO


Registered Company: KoHo Foundation

Step by Step

Note: PRO tokens are listed on KDEX Exchange. Dont forget add tokens to your wallet. Contract adress is here.

0 Years, 3 Months, 27 Days and 16 Hours
5 PRO ($2,5)
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