Swapcoinz Airdrop

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Swapcoinz Airdrop

Swapcoinz Airdrop


Swapcoinz is developing a global data-driven platform for the world. Powered by blockchain and smart contracts. SPZ will be used for gaining access to all Swapplay Amusement Park In the whole of African Countries. With Swapcoinz African kids are able to gain back their right to play and to enjoy their leisure time. Swapcoinz African kids are able to Understanding What Play, to improve their Social, Mental & Emotional, Physical, Self Confidence, Experience success as a result of persistence and perseverance, and lots more.

Ticker: SPAZ
Token type: BEP20
Whitelist: Yes
Know Your Customer (KYC): No


Registered Company: SWAPCOINZ LTD.

Step by Step

Note: SPAZ token is listed on Coinmarketcap and tradable on many exchanges.

0 Years, 0 Months, 23 Days and 7 Hours
10 SPAZ ($2)
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