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Tap Global

Tap Global


TAP is an integrated cryptocurrency exchange platform. They provide an exchange app that will let you trade on major crypto exchanges within the Tap app and have a seamless link with modern banking facilities and major crypto exchanges.

With the Tap Global Mastercard, you’re also able to convert your cryptocurrencies into cash and spend the balance anywhere that supports Mastercard.

Ticker: BTC
Token type: Bitcoin


Registered Company: Tap Global Limited

Step by Step

  • Download Tap Global app and create an account.
  • To receive reward, you must submit this referral code: TNG-591-173-4EA5
  • Verify your account (KYC).
  • You will receive 2,5£ in BTC.
  • Also, share your referral link and get 2,5£ in BTC for each referral.
  • Don’t forget to join our Telegram channel and follow us on Facebook to receive new airdrops!

Note: Without a referral code – TNG-591-173-4EA5 , you will not get any reward!

0 Years, 1 Months, 10 Days and 1 Hours
2,5£ in BTC
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