1.1. Terms Subject – Terms govern the basic conditions of using the web application at www.airdrex.com.
1.2. Agreement with the Terms- Before any use of the web application, the user is obliged to get acquainted with the Terms, which he / she has the possibility to read before confirming the registration or before logging in. The user expresses his / her consent with the Terms and undertakes to comply with the Terms by checking the “I agree” item and confirming the registration form. The user is not entitled to fully use the web application without the wording of the Terms.

2.1. Application – Web application operated by the Operator at www.airdrex.com.
2.2. AE – Virtual units created by the Operator, which are usable exclusively within the Application.
2.3. Operator – Company Airdrex.
2.4. Projects – Operator’s projects available within the Application.
2.5. Account – User account created by the Operator in the Application based on a successful registration.
2.6. User – An individual over 18 or a legal person that uses the Application in any way.
2.7. Airdrops – Third party promotional campaigns.

3.1. Registration Procedure – Registration of the User is performed through the registration form in the Application and is completed by confirmation of the User via a link sent to the User’s registration e-mail address. During registration, the user is obliged to provide true identification data of himself.
3.2. Account – Based on the successful registration, the user is set up an account. through the account the user has access to the services and functionalities of the application.
3.3. Single Account – Each user can have only one Account in the Application. The arbitrary opening of multiple accounts by the same person is considered a substantial violation of the Terms.
3.4. AE – AEs are kept on the user’s account, which can be obtained through various activities and promotional campaigns.

4.1 You understand and agree that the information that is presented on our website is for informational purposes only and shall not be construed as advice in whatever form. For the avoidance of doubt, the information provided on our website or any other information with relation to our website or the information in these terms and conditions or any other information with relation to our terms and conditions does not constitute investment advice or tax advice.
4.2. You understand and agree that the information that is presented on our website is subject to change without notice.
4.3 On Airdrex, you can find third-party promotional campaigns that reward participation. It is airdrex’s duty to analyze and review the airdrops well before they are published. However, Airdrex is not responsible for the intentions and compliance of third parties and solely recommends conducting its own analysis prior to engagement.

5.1 Copyright – All content of the Application (including logo, design, text, graphics, data, photos, animations, videos and software) is protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws and is the property of the operator and, where appropriate, the licensors of the corresponding license. The User acknowledges that, except  normal use of the Application, the User does not have any right to capture, display, reproduce and distribute the content of the Application as a copyrighted work, including its processing and inclusion in the aggregate work. Any such use is only possible with the express consent of the authorized persons or in accordance with applicable law.
5.2 Use of the Application – The User is authorized to use the Application only in accordance with the Terms. In particular, any interference with the technical or material content of the Application by the Users is prohibited.

6.1. Processing of personal data – Processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.
6.2. Personal Data Processing Terms – Information about personal data processing is contained in the Privacy Policy documents available on the Application website.

7.1. Restrictions on Use of the Application – The Operator reserves the right to restrict the possibility of using the Application by available technical and legal means (including deletion of all data or documents within the User’s Account) if the User:
7.1.1. He / she has not logged in to his / her account for at least 2 months, even after a previous notification sent to the User’s registration address.
7.1.2. User sends electronic or other messages containing information whose publication or content is contrary to the Terms or good morals, which may damage the good name of the Operator or other persons.
7.1.3. As a result of abnormal use of the Application, the Application and its supporting infrastructure are disproportionately burdened with, or interferes with or attempts to interfere with its proper functioning (for example, using a computer program to hack or damage the Application) application structure, etc.
7.1.4. Repeatedly or substantially violated the Terms.
7.1.5. User opened an Account and filled in misleading identification data, ie in particular the registration of a fictional person, or registration under another person’s data.
7.1.6. Contrary to Article 3.3. of Terms, established multiple Accounts.

8.1. Access to the Account in the Application – Access to the User’s account is protected by a unique login password, which the User is obliged to protect against misuse. The Operator is not responsible for any misuse of the unique login password, or for any possible harm or possible claims of third parties arising from such misuse.
8.2 Liability for Harm or Damage – The Operator is not liable for any harm or damage incurred by the User or a third party as a result of:
8.2.1. Facts on the part of the User, in particular the misrepresentation of the Ethereum address, the loss, theft or misuse of the password for the User’s e-mail address or other data.
8.2.2. Internet outage or peer-to-peer virtual currency networks.
8.2.3. Illegal misuse of the Application, computer viruses, cyber attacks or force majeure events. Force majeure shall mean a temporary or permanent, extraordinary, unforeseeable and insurmountable obstacle arising independently of the Operator’s will.
8.3. Contributions in the Application – If the Users in the Application are allowed to upload their own contributions, the Operator is not responsible for their content, including any conflict with legal regulations. However, the Operator is entitled at any time to remove any User Contribution if it considers it inconsistent with legal regulations, violating any provisions of the Terms or unsuitable with regard to the purpose and use of the Application.

9.1. Website / E-mail – For the purposes of any communication between the Operator and the User, in particular any notification concerning the Business Plans, including a change to the Terms, the Operator is entitled to use the Application or the contact e-mail address of the User.
9.2 Duty to check the Account – The User is obliged to check the Account regularly (at least once a month), especially the existence of any notifications of the Operator published in the Application.
9.3. Delivery to the User – Any notice or information in the Application shall be deemed delivered to the User no later than 5 calendar days from the date of publication in the Application.
9.4. Change of the Website of the Application – The Operator is entitled to decide on the change of the Website of the Application. It is obliged to notify the User of the change, either through previous web pages of the Application or in another suitable way (eg in the form of e-mail communication).

10.1. Subject to change – The Operator is entitled to modify the Application and the contents of the Terms at any time without prior notice to the User. 10.2. Settlement of Disputes – The Subscriber and the Operator shall cooperate in settling disputes or claims that may arise as a result of or in connection with this Agreement, including any disputes or claims relating to any breach, termination or validity of this Agreement or failure to perform the Agreement. You shall indemnify and hold harmless against all liabilities, claims, costs, expenses, including reasonable attorney fees or other obligations whatsoever due to or out of use or inability to use our website, the use of service on our website, and breach of these terms and conditions, an infringement of third party rights or an infringement of legislation and regulation.
10.3. Communication – Communication between the Operator and the User is only in written form. Electronic communication by e-mail is also considered a written communication.
10.4. Contact Information – The Operator can be contacted electronically via e-mail: info@airdrex.com .
10.5. Effect of Terms – Terms are valid and effective from 1.1.2020 by logging into the user account for existing customers and for new confirmation upon registration at www.airdrex.com.