Airdrex is the first airdrop platform to reward active users with tokens. There are several ways to earn airdrex tokens (AE).

New airdrops

Every day we add new verified airdrops for which you can get amazing rewards. Tens of dollars in tokens. As a bonus, however, we have decided to give users who join these airdrops through our site awards in AE. You can earn 1 AE for each new airdrop you attend.

Verified airdrops can be found HERE.

Become as author

Would you like to post airdrops, build a good name and brand, but
don’t have your own website or followers? Airdrex is the right place for
you. Become an author!
Thousands of users will be available on our platform and you will be
rewarded for published airdrops. You can publish one post each day and
get 10 AE for it.


Share and forward the referral link and get 1 AE for each referral!

You must creat an account to earn tokens.

Promotion campaigns and rewards will change over time